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Friday, July 25, 2014

Upper and lower level work continues

I've slowed down a bit on the work I've down this week.  Lots of tedious work the past couple of days like backdrop cutting and a shelf on the end of the extension.  I've completed all the track work on both levels and still need to add feeder wires to the track.
Attaching track.  I don't add subroadbed because this a branchline.

My end shelf.  Need to add another shelf and paint it black.

Trackwork complete.  I came back and super-elevated the closest curve.  I also added n-scale subroadbed to this curve which is not shown.

Another view of the trackage.

These sand hoppers test out the trackage.

The lower level trackage is done.  The CSXT boxcar sits on spur MOW spur.  To the left will be a older railroad building.

The gondola sit in the untreated tie loading spur.

The two spurs to the left are the VMID and NS interchange tracks.  The double ended train will bring 4 cars down and drop the lead engine where the boxcar is and then drop the cars in the interchange on the left..  Then pick their cars up and head back to Fredericksburg.

Had to cut into the the benchwork to get this unloading pit in.  Of course I forgot about it until I installed it!


  1. Looking real nice. Way to be steadfast on getting it done!

  2. Agree with Norm, looks great! This puts my MOW / contractor forces to shame on installing customer sidings. VMS doesn't do contract construction as well do they?