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Monday, July 14, 2014

A week off from the layout: VACATION

Taking a week off from the layout and life in general to vacation with my family in the Outer Banks in NC.  I have not been down here since the mid 1980's!  During the down time, I'm going to plan out what exactly I want to complete on the layout when I get back.  Orange has ran into a dilemma.  The cassette will not provide enough room for a run-around exchange track for the VMID.  So, I may have to bring trains down to Orange double headed to work the exchange.  I do have one industry in Orange and I may still do the run-around cassette so the local doesn't have to be double headed.  If you don't know railroad lingo, double headed means a loco on the front and the rear of the train.  Some of the CSX locals in our area do this and we have a coal train that comes up from Richmond that does this also.  The coal train runs north and then runs down a branch with the rear locos without having to run around it's train.

So here's whats on the agenda when I get home:

  1. Complete trackage in Orange including wiring
  2. Complete the cassette
  3. Start on the expansion above Orange.  
  4. Complete aggregate facility (Walthers kit)
  5. Complete scenery on expansion
I want to complete the scenery on the expansion of the aggregate facility because this is the first thing you see when you come into the layout room.

Stay tuned!

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