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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scenery update day #2

Well the scenery is 95% complete in this area and was not as hard as I had envisioned.  Here are a few things I have to finish up:
-weather the overpass
-ballast some areas where the scenery meets the ballast
- vacuum the area in a day of two, gives the glue time to fully dry

Things that I liked about doing this large scenery: (You must try these!)
- Heki Wildgrass Fiber-  this stuff is awesome!  Got the tip from Lance Mindheim and order some a couple of weeks ago.  You tear it and glue it where you want.  Sorta like static grass,  Good for clumps of weeds and grass.

-Super Trees:  A must for good background trees.  Mine have been sitting in the garage painted ready to go all
  summer.  I added the different leave colors to them.  It was so easy, my 7 year old was making nice trees.  

You can see the Heki wildgrass on this little hill.  The shack was a late minute add last night about midnight!

Gotta work on this siding a little.  Don't know if I'm happy with the blue hole for the overpass.
A different angle.  Got to get the masking tape up off the tracks.

VM #281 makes the first run through the scene.

A closer view of under the overpass.
Decide to use some static grass in a small field near the entrance to Battlefield Yard.  Thought this picture was the best I took!  No unfinished scenery in it!
My afternoon/evening task:  Cleaning up my scenery mess!

1 comment:

  1. Looks beautiful!

    Have you considered painting a lighter shade of bluish-green to represent more distant trees as seen through the "Blue Hole" on the overpass? I've got a similar issue with an overpass I am putting in on my layout. You can see the "hole" in this picture between the painted on background trees here: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-GoSQObkLcbo/UTKdsfDQEVI/AAAAAAAAAQg/PKr9Lw5kM-A/s1600/painting_finalresults.jpg