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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another year done... now to some modeling!

Just finished another year teaching and coaching, my 14th year.  As you might know, I have not done any posts since April.  Coaching in the spring takes up all my free time.  At one stretch, I believe I did not go into my train office for 3 weeks straight, not once.  I do get a little down time at the end of May and did get a little modeling done on the Memorial Day weekend.  I have some big modeling plans this summer.  I will post those in another post.  The main one is that I want to get the scenery finished.  That means no plywood showing.  That should get done. But on to what I worked on Memorial Day weekend.

I've been wanting another diesel for the Midland and ready wanted a B40-8.  I stumbled onto one at a show in April.  The price tag was a real deal.  It is in the GE red scheme so I blacked out the GE logos and did a simple VMID under the cab.  Looks good and no reason for a short line to paint a engine that's got a newer paint job. I also put a Tsunami in it with the newer GE engine.   So, the 808 is the second red engine on the VM roster.
The VM #808 looks good in the red and yellow.  Still need to weather it up.   

I also had a HH660 that was numbered 33 and was for a sand plant that was off the layout.  This concept never took off and Battlefield yard took that area.  I finally settled on it as "older power" for the Virginia Central.  It's smaller engine and used when #3 & #5 are not functioning.  I added a generic VC decal and this too has a Tsunami. 
HH660 #33 waits on the conductor for it's next move.

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