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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yardwork and baseball

Spent some time yesterday in the yard I added this summer to my layout.  I did not get anything done this week model train related.  I did not even go into my layout room.  My evening consisted of the MLB channel and baseball games!  The last post I did, I was stressing on my Detroit Tigers and not making the playoffs,  Well they had a great week and as of today as 2 games up on the White Soxs with 4 to play.  It's a great year for baseball in this area as the Orioles and the Nationals are both going to make the playoffs. Usually playoff baseball slows down my model railroading every year about this time!
Battlefield Yard is the name I settled on last week.  It's the mainly a classification yard for the Virginia Midland for inbound and outbound freight.  It also acts as a staging yard.  Yesterday, I got the track painted and then cleaned the rail heads.  This is a least favorite task of mine.  Needed lots of elbow grease.  Hopefully I can get some ballast down today for at least part of it.
Painted track.  I start with a light gray coating and come back hours later with a flat brown.  The gray highlights make the track standout.  I may come back and touch up the sides of the rail with rust.

RF&P #91 tests out the track.  Make sure you cover up the contact points on the turnouts.  

I glued down the switch ties and then painted them when they dried.  I just glued down the switch bar which will be under the switch mechanism.  Just another detail that should look OK.

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