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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reconfigured yard

Well my new Virginia Midland yard has gone through a few changes in the last month.  Now I have to settle on a name for it!  When I last updated you on the progress, I had a 3 way switch at the switching end of the yard.  When I put the 3-way turnout in, and tested it, it worked fine.  Then it never worked.  I messed with it for a few days and finally ripped it out.  I then had to reconfigure it again.  This second option was not user friendly.  I could only switch one car or 2 smaller hoppers at a time.  Switching out a train took forever due to the last switch being close to corner of the room.  All of the above was done with 4 yard tracks.  I finally put in another yard track and another reconfiguration and the final yard track plan was introduced.  I had a operation session a couple of weeks ago and it worked out great.

View from the switching end.  RF&P drop off track is on the right.  The 3 tracks in the middle are the classification tracks.

The white ties represent the fouling points for each track.  The 3rd track has 2 from a earlier configuration.
The other end of the yard.  The spur on the right will be the locomotive shops.
I also got a great deal on a NCE cab04 on Ebay and recently installed a couple of controller plug in's around the layout.
I created a new hopper for the VMID in chopping a Greenville hopper down a little.  Definitely different!
The car is based on the Ilmenite cars that D&H built.  Ilmenite is mined for titanium dioxide used in paint, plastics and paper.
A double door boxcar patched for VMID.  Has to be weathered before it is used in service

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